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105 HP Model · Full Size Utility Tractor

With the T1054, sometimes it feels more like play than work. It’s our largest horsepower model – featuring a 105 horsepower Doosan engine – and comes standard with all of your favorite features: Radio, CD player, rear window wipers, deluxe seats, and loader joy stick controls. It’s time to take on the toughest of jobs.

Main Features

  • Doosan Diesel Engine
  • Automatic PTO Switch
  • Rear PTO
  • Robust Front Axles and Power Steering
Key Features
Standard Tires
T1054 tractor 100 horsepower Doosan Engine

Doosan Diesel Engine

Doosan Compact Diesel Engines offer high power output, high low-end torque and maintain the highest level of performance for the most challenging conditions in the most challenging applications. This engine features a advanced fuel injection system and turbo charger.

Digital dashboard inside of the T1054 tractor CABIN

Automatic PTO Switch

The automatic PTO greatly reduces noise and vibration by detecting when an attachment is being raised or lowered and automatically disengaging/engaging the PTO accordingly.

Independent Rear PTO for the T1054 tractor model

Rear PTO

The T1054 comes standard with a 540, 750, and 1000 rpm PTO. A conveniently located lever in the CABIN allows you to shift speeds simply and quickly.

Power steering and robust front axles on the T1054 tractor

Robust Front Axles and Power Steering

Double acting power steering system gives a smoother and effortless turn and its solid front axle provides utmost satisfaction in any type of ground work.

hydraulic connections on the T1054 tractor for attachment point

Hydraulic System

With 3 standard remote valves and a hydraulic lift capacity of 6860 lbs, the T1054 has the compatibility and power to support a large range of attachments.

Gearshift lever inside of the T1054 tractors heated and air conditioned CABIN

32 x 32 Synchronized Transmission

The T1054 features 32 forward and reverse gears, representing the epitome of versatility with a speed to match any challenge you have to offer. Accompanied by a factory installed creeper gear, to propel the tractor at crawl speeds if necessary.

Control levers inside of the T1054 tractor heated and air conditioned CABIN

Central Control Panel

The T1054 CABIN offers an assortment of operational levers at a conveniently located central panel.  Allowing you to have all your tools in one basket.

Large fuel tank on the T1054 compact tractor model

High Capacity Fuel Tank

With a 34-gallon fuel tank, the T1054 is able to operate for long hours between refueling’s. Refilling point located near the left side CABIN steps.


Engine Manufacturer DOOSAN INFRACORE
Engine Model DL03-LEA04
Engine Type Turbo
Engine HP-Gross 105 (78.3)
PTO HP (kw) 95.5 (70.2)
Rated Engine Speed 2300
Number of Cylinders 4 (cc) 208 (3409)
Air Cleaner Dual Dry
Alternator 12V110A
Fuel System Type CRDI


Transmission Type Power Shuttle
Number of Speeds 32F / 32R
Max Traveling Speed, mph(km/h) 24.9 (40)
Brakes Wet Disc
Steering Hydrostatic
Clutch Wet Multi Plate


Pump Type Dual Gear Pump
Implement Pump Cap.gpm(L/Min) 15.6 (59)
Steering Pump Cap. gpm (L/Min) 7.1 (26.7)
Max Total Flow gpm (L/Min) 22.7 (85.7)
Category, 3 Point Hitch 2
Hitch lift Capacity, lb. (kg) 6860 (3110)
At 24 inches behind link ends, lb(kg) 5490 (2490)
Lift Control Type Pos/Draft/Mech
Joy Stick Valve Standard
No. of Standard Remote Valves 2


PTO Type Independent
PTO Control Electric/Hydro
PTO Rear (rpm) 540/1000
PTO Shaft Diameter in. (mm) 1 3/8 (35)


Fuel Tank, U.S. gal. (L) 29.1 (110)+DEF 5.3 (20)
Crankcase (witd filter) U.S. qt. (L) 4.22 (16)
Trans & Hydr. System, U.S. gal. (L) 19.8 (75)
Front Axle qt. (L) 18.5 (17.5)


Overall Length, in. (mm) with 3P 165.4 (4200)
Overall Width, in. (mm) 86 (2185)
Wheelbase, in. (mm) 90.55 (2300)
Height to Top of ROPS, in. (mm) 107 (2718)
Min. Ground Cleareance, in. (mm) 18.3 (465)
Min. Turn Radius, in (mm) with Brakes 143.7 (3650)
Min. Turn Radius, in (mm) w/o brakes 162 (4120)


Total Weight, lb (kg) 8666 (3930)

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