The TYM approach considers excellent service to be as equally important as the products we offer. So we’re expertly staffed to ensure service questions can be answered and material can be provided in a timely manner. You demand that your tractor and implements are in perfect working order for around the clock usage, so TYM Dealers are stocked with service parts or can obtain what you need on short notice. Also know that our website contains Service and Technical Bulletins, Shop Manuals, Parts and Owners Manuals ready for TYM Dealers to download. And training Schools are scheduled throughout each year to ensure our TYM Dealers have the latest product knowledge. We do whatever it takes to keep your workday rolling.

Maintenance Charts

Below you will find a set of generic tables for your product maintenance guidelines. These tables may be used as a general reference, however, we still recommend that you refer to your Operator’s Manual for information on your specific tractor model.


Chart Key:

O – Check, Top-up or adjust

X – Replace

♦ – Clean or Wash

★ – Consult the Service Dealer

  • Engine Service Intervals (Hour Meter Mark)
    Item Daily 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600
    Engine Oil O X X X X X X
    Oil Filter X X X
    Air Cleaner X
    Radiator Coolant O
    Radiator O
    Radiator Fins & Screen O
    Fuel O
    Fuel Filter O O X O O O X
    Fan Belt O
    Battery O O O O O O
    Loose Nuts and Bolts O
    Radiator Hose Clamp O
  • Transmission & Chassis Service Intervals (Hour Meter Mark)
    Item Daily 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600
    Transmission Oil O X X
    HST Oil Filter X X
    Front Axle Oil X O O O O O O
    Brake Pedal O
    Operation of Each Lever O
    Free Play of Steering Wheel O
    Grease in Front Wheel HUB
    Steering Wheel Joint O
    Wheel Nut Fastening Torque O
    Grease each nipple O O O O O O O O O O O O
    Loose Bolts and Nuts O
    Check the Electric Wiring O O O
  • Lubrication Chart
    Filling Point Fillings Quantity Liter(US gal.)
    RADIATOR Fresh Clean Water(L.L.C) 5.6l(1.48 gal)
    ENGINE API: CD/CE grades
    Above: 25°(77°F)…SAE30 or 10W-30
    0°C to 25°C(32°F to 77°F) SAE20 or 10W30
    Below 0°C(32°F)…SAE 10W or 10W-30
    4.3l(1.14 gal)
    FRONT AXLE Gear oil #80 or #90 4.5l(1.19 gal)