Dealer Benefits

Become a certified TYM Dealer

Standard Of Excellence

At TYM, our dealers are our fore-front sales force and each dealership is vitally important to our continued success in the market. We’d like to recognize a group who consistently represents our brand well and delivers our customers a high level experience when selling our tractors and attachments.

These outstanding dealers set a standard of excellence that all TYM dealers strive for and our goal is to see this list grow with each passing year. Spreading our brand across the nation through a commitment by all TYM dealers to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Getting Started With TYM

Interested in becoming an authorized TYM dealer?
Refer to the information provided below for a few of the benefits you’ll receive by working with us!

  • Floor Plan Terms:12 months floor plan terms for the first year beginning with the date of your first order and concluding at the end of 12 months. After the initial order, the standard floor plan of 9 months applies to future orders.
  • Initial Order Incentive
    (For orders received by the close of business June 30, 2015. Discounts applied to tractors only.)

    • 4% additional discount on an initial order of 12 or more tractors.
    • 3% additional discount on an initial order of 8 to 11 tractors.
    • Minimum initial order of 8 tractors.
  • WPC Parts Ordering System:As a new TYM dealer you will receive access to the WPC parts ordering system, as well as comprehensive training and live assistance after your dealership has been approved.
  • CO-OP Advertising:You will be given a CO-OP up to a maximum of 2% of your initial order or a $3,000.00 credit, whichever is greater to draw from during your first year as a TYM dealer. TYM specific advertising will be reimbursed 100% for the first 90 days. All advertising requests must be approved by TYM. Co-op funds will be based on 2% of your purchases and will be split 70/30 for first year after the initial 90 day sign up period. After 1 year, CO-OP funds will be based on 2% of your purchases from the past year and will be split 50/50. Co-op is based on a calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31) A new dealer AD will be included in your initial CO-OP program.
  • Parts Support:Initial stocking parts order receives a special 30% dealer discount. A minimum parts order of $1,000 at list price is required to be considered as a stocking order.
  • Dealer Orientation and Training:All new dealers are required to attend a two?day orientation and product?training class during their first 60 days after being approved as a TYM dealer. Attendance must be by either an owner or sales manager. TYM will reimburse up to $400.00 towards flights for one?person or vehicle travel expenses. Additional dealership management or salespeople may attend at the dealer’s expense. TYM will provide hotel accommodations and meals for attendees. Flight arrangements will be made by TYM. Throughout the year, TYM will offer additional product training in Wilson, NC.
  • Comprehensive Workshop Manuals for all Tractors:All workshop manuals will be available via the Dealer Area to all new dealers upon approval.
  • Dealer Sales BinderAll new dealers will receive sales manuals that include Procedures, Programs, Pricing, and general Sales Forms. These materials are also made available through the dealer area.
  • Local Press ReleaseTYM will supply a press release and a customized advertisement for your local newspaper.
  • Point of Sale Promotional and Branding Package:
    This package a number of items to help with showing that your dealership is an authorized TYM dealer. This includes banners, literature, and other items.

Your Commitment

  • New Dealer Minimum Order:An eight (8) tractor minimum order including at least four (4) attachments must be submitted at the time your dealer application is submitted.
  • Electric Sign:One TYM electric sign must be ordered and paid for each new dealer location. The sign order form is included in the new dealer application and must be completed. It must be sent with your new dealer application. TYM electric sign is not returnable.