19 HP Front-End Loader

Whether you are a hobby farm or a weekend warrior, TYM builds the perfect tractor. With a front end loader and mid-mount mower, you can make your 19hp sub-compact tractor more versatile.


Max Lift Height to Pivot Pin (in) 71.3
Clearance With Bucket Dumped (in) 53.1
Reach at Max Lift Height (in) 28.3
Max Dump Angle (deg) 38
Max Rollback Angle (deg) 20
Digging Depth (in) 3.9
Overall Height in Carry Position (in) 38.2
Lift Capacity to Max Height at Pivot Pin (lbs) 617
Breakout Force at Ground Level, Pivot Pin (lbs) 1285
Loader Total Weights (lbs) 470
Quick Attach Bucket Optional
  • T194


    Main Features

    • Powered by Yanmar Diesel Engine (19HP)
    • 2 Range HST
    • One-Touch PTO on/off Switch
    • Low Vibration/Noise Flat Deck and Spacious Operator’s Platform
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