The BT200 backhoe sports over a 6 foot digging depth with a 105 inch arm reach radius. Compatible with the T234 tractor, the BT200 comes factory assembled with the subframe mounted. 4-in-1 bucket options available.



Digging Depth (Two foot flat bottom), in (mm) 76.3 (1940)
Reach from center line of swing pivot, in (mm) 105.4 (2680)
Loading Height (bucket at 60°), in (mm) 63.6 (1615)
Maximum Leveling Angle 10°
Swing Arc 180°
Transport Height (maximum), in (mm) 73.1 (1856)
Transport Overhang, in (mm) 43.5 (1105)
Bucket Rotation 172°
Stabilizer Spread (down position), in (mm) 76.8 (1950)
Stabilizer Spread (up position), in (mm) 49.2 (1250)
Angle of Departure 21°
Shipping Weight, lbs (kg) 787 (357)
Bucket Digging Force, lbs (kg) 2877 (1305)
Dipperstick Digging Force, lbs (kg) 1748 (793)
Operating Pressure, psi (bar) 2466 (170)

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