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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who are TYM Tractors?
TYM Tractors has been manufacturing quality tractors for well over 50 years on a global scale. We pride ourselves in having top tier quality within the compact tractor industry, reinforcing our standards commitment by staffing around-the-clock Research and Development professionals to give us the leading edge on technical advancements.

Where are TYM Tractors manufactured?
TYM Tractors is based out of Seoul, South Korea. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Iksan, South Korea, we ensure that your TYM is built and tested to the fullest of their abilities.

Where can I find information on my tractor?
The best and first stop for information on your particular tractor is your Owner’s Manual. This manual contains information such as maintenance schedules, lubrication charts, calibration details, and many more useful pieces of information.

Why should I follow the recommended maintenance schedule?
The maintenance schedule located within your owner’s manual was put into place to provide excellent milestones that will ensure the longevity of your machine. Just like a vehicle, a tractor requires upkeep and a little TLC to stay as strong as the day you bought it. For general guidelines, you may also refer to your Service and Support page.

Where can I order a replacement Owner’s Manual?
If your Owner’s Manual has been lost or damaged, you may order a replacement by contacting your local dealership. If your purchasing dealership is no longer available, you may use our Find a Dealer function in order to locate the next closest dealership to your area.


Parts Questions

How do I track my parts shipment?
With every parts package that we ship, we include an automated email message containing a shipment tracking # to your dealership. The best way to check on a part’s order status is by contacting your local dealership for information.

What is the process of ordering and receiving parts for my tractor?
First, you must submit a request to your dealership for the parts you need or the service you require. Once a request has been submitted to our headquarters by your local dealership, we will prioritize your order based on urgency. In cases of tractors down in the field, we offer direct overnight shipping straight to your location. For general in-stock parts orders, your parts should arrive between 4-7 days depending on the shipment method requested.

How can I get a replacement or extra key for my TYM?
To acquire an extra key for your tractor, please contact your local TYM dealership and provide sufficient information on your model and your serial number. They will be able to order it as they would with any other part.

Why should I use TYM specific parts for my tractor?
In order to maintain the superior quality that is expected out of your TYM, we advise sticking with the parts that were made for the task. Although other parts may fit, performance and reliability will be sacrificed.

How would I order parts as a TYM dealer?
As an authorized TYM dealership, you will be given immediate access to our Web Parts Catalog. This catalog includes detailed diagrams and useful information including: pricing, availability, dimensions, order progress, and a brief description for each part. Using this catalog, you can place parts into a shopping cart, enter in a few shipping details, and place your order. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address registered on file. You will also receive yet another confirmation email with a tracking number once your package has been shipped.

What is the procedure in cases where the parts are backordered?
In cases of emergency, parts that are currently on back-order will be placed on a rush delivery order directly from our corporate headquarters in South Korea. Once the order is received, the parts will be flown directly overseas and should arrive at our facility within 5-10 business days. The customer should receive the part’s in no more than 4 weeks.

Are there any requirements for an initial parts order?
New dealers that are signed with TYM and have completed all requirements to become an Authorized TYM Dealer will receive a shipment of initial stocking parts, manuals, and literature. The dealer does not need to request this shipment; it will be sent automatically upon activation of their account. Dealers will also receive our current parts manuals, owner’s manuals, workshop manuals, and flat rate manuals for our current tractor line up.


Service & Warranty Questions

Can I use synthetic oil for my TYM engine?
As long as the synthetic oil meets the appropriate API grade for the tractors environment, it may be used.

Where can I find information detailing TYM Warranty Coverage?
You may access information on our warranty coverage by viewing our Warranty Guidelines, or by visiting your local TYM dealership and asking for information. We stand strongly behind our warranty coverage and provide you with the ease-of-mind you need while operating your machine.

What is the difference between bumper-to-bumper and power train warranty coverage?
The easiest way to decipher the difference is to keep in mind that bumper-to-bumper is the tractor in its entirety. Whereas, the power train consists of internal parts running in oil. This includes, gear axles, internal mechanical parts, and internal engine parts. Fuel pumps are not covered within the power train warranty.


Finance Questions

Can I afford a TYM Tractor?
At TYM, we offer the absolute best bang for your buck! With flexible options for your financing needs, we’ve cut the hassle in half. Visit our Finance Page for more information.


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